Where to find 8×12 frames for Digital Photography Prints

Why can’t I find a veriety of 8×12 photo frames at my retail store?

Perhaps it didn’t hit you until you went to your local art store that you realized that the framing departments at the local art store hasn’t caught-up with Digital photography. You see, when you get a photo from The Pradhan Studios (and many other professional photography studios) we print in the aspect ratio that we shoot – and for most digital photography that outputs a 8×12 – print.

Where to find 8×12 Picture Frames?

So, where can you buy 8×12 photo frames? Where else, but online! Here is a short list of online places that I’ve found to have a great selection of photo frames:

PictureFrames.com: Has over 1,000 different frames, all for 8×12

Amazon.com: 1,500 results from various Amazon venders

eBay.com: Lots of results, but you have to be willing to sort through what you want

You can also go ‘Custom’ if you’re looking for a unique look. I recommend checking out your local custom frame shop – Yelp it to find the best one.

Also, Etsy.com is a great place for the unique, hand-made or vintage photo frames. Click the image on this blog post to go to some fun, whimsical frames from “2 Dogs Woodworking” on Etsy.

Where have you found 8×12 Picture Frames?

Have somewhere in-mind that I missed – or did you have a bad exerience with any of the venders above? Leave a comment below!

Oh, please remember to do your own research before buying online.