What’s your favorite time with the kids?

When I was a kid myself, my favorite time with my family was dinner around the kitchen table. We could be ourselves, and often had fits of giggles that caused us to need to hold back the stitches in our sides. I loved that.

As a Mom…

As a mom, one of my favorite times with the boys are when we’re having breakfast. We let the boys make their own breakfast – they hate cereal, so it’s often eggs and toast – I get my coffee, and Nirzhar has his huge cup of milky tea and we sit quietly and eat. Their heads are still damp from their morning shower, and their toast – often so toasted it’s nearly black – gives off the unmistakable scent and crunch of breakfast. Humming birds flit in and out of our garden outside the kitchen window. Sometimes the fog is just lifting off of the banana trees. It’s quiet, soft, gentle. I love those moments with my men.

In the evening, after the giggles have died down and they’re snuggled in their beds, I love to read to them – or listen to Nirzhar reading. (I love to listen – and watch – Nirzhar read. He gets really into it, and often the giggles and excitement from the boys gets high again!) You can see the stories unfolding in their minds as the words come alive. We’re currently reading Harry Potter – book 3, ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’, and although our eldest has already read it about 3 times, he still listens enraptured in the story of the latest quidditch match – as do I! And then the last kiss and hug before lights-out.

What’s your favorite time with your kids?

Leave your comments below 🙂 Who knows, we may find some new ways to enjoy being in our kids lives!