What about the Dads, P&G?

First, let me clarify that this is Rachel blogging.
Second, I know I can’t be the only Mom that cries at these videos, like the most recent one from P&G’s “Thank You, Mom”. The video says it all: We’re there to pick them up, love them, and encourage our children to be great. It hurts, it’s tough, but we want them to be even tougher than us. Not just in sports, but in life in general: to be more kind, loving, compassionate, motivated, intelligent…seriously the list goes on. So when I see a commercial – let’s be honest, that’s what it is – that highlights how Mothers encourage their children time and time again, it’s heart warming.

But, what about the Dads, P&G?

P&G has done a lot of great heart-moving videos like this in the past, but where’s the one about the fathers that encourage their children? Even just one Dad among the many Moms would be awesome to see in the video. Dads are a huge part of a child’s life, but I think some advertisers still think that families are built on the separation-of-duties 1950s mentality of women take care of the children and men…I don’t think I’ve seen many shows about men doing Dad stuff unless it’s spectator sports related.

My husband has been the stay-at-home dad since my older son was 1 year old and I went to work full-time. He’s been the volunteer at school, the one that takes them to ALL their practices, that would set-up play dates and sat with them for the many hours of homework and projects. He took them to the doctors, cleaned-up their boo-boos and hugged, loved and cherished them.

And Nirzhar is not the only one. The most recent US Census states that:

32% of married fathers (approximately 7 million dads) are “a regular source of care for their children under age 15, up from 26% from 2002.” The U.S. Census defines “regular care of children” as an arrangement that is consistent at least one day per week.

And a recent NPR article stated that the trend was still growing – and that was in May of 2013. But, sure, not all Dads are stay-at-home, but they do contribute to the love, encouragement and support a child receives as they grow-up, right?

So, P&G, can you remember the Fathers, too?

And, yes, keep these Mom-moments, too. I love to cry happy tears.

Hey, Moms, what are your thoughts?

I’m not P&G, but…

Here’s my own tribute to awesome Dads that we’ve photographed recently, starting with my awesome husband holding our two boys on his lap. I would also like to say thanks to my own awesome Dad, who’s photo I can’t find, but whom I love very much!!