The Capelle Family Photographed in Laguna Niguel

We love the Capelle family. We’ve known them for several years now, and have seen the relentless volunteerism mom engages in first hand. It’s astounding how much the family can give, give, and give some more to help their school, their community, and their friends. And, I’m not talking about monetary giving here, it’s the giving from the heart that the Capelles forever shine in. Sure, monetary giving is an excellent act of generosity and much needed in this world, however, the giving of time, of listening, of doing, of showing up remains truly priceless. It’s always our utmost pleasure to photograph the Capelles.

We have been photographing the Capelles for the past three years now, and have created iconic images with the three incredible boys. The first year we photographed them we had Grandparents, Uncle and Aunt with their young little girl arrive from out of state for the photoshoot. What a blast that was-the day after Thanksgiving. This past year again, we had the entire Capelle family in Southern California for photography in Laguna Niguel. And, this year we had an addition to the cousin-another little adorable girl. The fun keeps growing and we absolutely love it! We are truly grateful that you’ve chosen us as your family photographer.