TED talks on How Photography Connects Us

TED Talks on How Photography Connects UsAs a photography studio, it’s easy for us to see how photography connects us, how it moves us, and how even one image can change the world. But, how do you explain why?

David Griffin Speaks on Why Photography Connects Us

David Griffin tackles this question in the video below of his 15 minute TED talk, in which he explains how photography – one photo, one moment in time – can tell a story, can create empathy, love, hate – a memory. It’s a great talk, and worth watching simply for the beautiful National Geographic images he presents to make his point.

My favorite points:

“Photography carries a power that holds up under the relentless swirl of today’s saturated, media world, because photographs emulate the way that our mind freezes a significant moment……flashbulb memory, as it’s called, is when all the elements came together to define not just the event, but my emotional connection to it. And this is what a photograph taps into when it makes its own powerful connection to a viewer.”


You can watch the talk by “David Griffin: How Photography Connects Us” below: