Sweet 16

couple photography Orange County CA16 years ago today we went to the courthouse and sealed our love and fates together. The only photo we have is a black and white from your point and shoot. I held it up as we put our heads together and I clicked, both of us hoping it would turn out when we took it to the lab. It was one of the luckiest shots ever, and how fitting as it is so lucky that we found each other. You and I were born in completely different cultures, yet we seemed to have been pulled together – perhaps by our love developed from lives past.

I don’t think we’ve had a good photo of the two or us since that auspicious photo 16 years ago, and I am so happy that we finally took some last month. I love them, and I love seeing them on our walls among our other memories – with space around them for the many happy memories to come.

Thank you, My Love, for being my family, for being the one I can trust to always be there, and for being my life long partner in this crazy adventure. I love you.