Hello St. Catherine of Siena Parish School parents! We had a great time photographing your children and we’re excited to share them with you. All your proofing and ordering will be done right online, making it convenient, secure, and simple. Please check your email this week for a unique URL and password to view your child’s portraits.

Make-ups & Re-Takes will be Tuesday, September 29th.

Galleries Are Open for sales from the day you receive your email through September 30th!  Prints will be at the school by October 9th.

NOTE: Make-up and Re-take portraits will be uploaded to a separate gallery on October 1st, and those with make-ups and re-takes will be notified.

If you have any questions, please email me at rachel@pradhanstudios.com. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or view our recent work through our blog.


=>>IMPORTANT NOTE: We aim to capture the essence of your child within the very short time period we are with them. Due to the scheduling arranged with St. Catherine of Siena Parish School, we had about one minute with each student. We do our best to capture a variety of expressions and conjure authenticity from your son or daughter during this time. Some children are naturally more comfortable than others when it comes to photographs. Each child in the gallery has multiple proof options. Some have more than others. We do not believe in forcing a child to “preform” just for the sake of capturing “the shot” – but rather we do our best to work with your child, make them comfortable, and enjoy that short minute or two we have. Please understand that all images are shot with the goal of being “real” – who they are at that very moment. Some laugh, some are shy, some are stoic and pensive, while others bounce around and giggle – and we attempt to artistically capture all of this. The options included in the gallery of your son or daughter were the best portraits we had on file and we hope you enjoy each of them! Thank you for your understanding.

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Example question: What’s up with those logos on their nose? When I buy the full digitals, do I get all colors and black and whites? What about retouching or blemish reduction? All great questions! See our FAQ page for the answers to these and more.