Sibling Children Photoshoot: two, too cute

Children’s Photoshoot : shyness turns to giggles!

This winter has been full of sweetness, and these two siblings were certainly a double dose. They jumped up the stairs with their stuffed animals in-tow and quickly ran behind mom’s knees when we said hi.

This mom had been to several photographers, and wasn’t happy with the results. I remember being the shy child and being forced to smile at the camera or say hi to a complete stranger. It was terrifying! With that fear, how were we going to photograph the kids being themselves? Love, openness and happiness isn’t something a child can fake.

To help the children relax about us and the photoshoot we didn’t bring out the camera at first. Instead, we brought out a very special and one-of-a-kind toy for them to play with and then we chatted with mom while the kids got used to us and the space. After a few minutes, we moved the toy to the area where we would photograph and placed it in such a way that we wouldn’t have them in the portraits. Full of hugs and giggles, we just sat back and let them play at our Aliso Viejo home photography studio. Their true personalities shined, and we were able to photograph some lovely moments that will be cherished for years to come. How lucky this mom is to have such loving and sweet siblings!


Children Photography at Aliso Viejo Location

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