School Photography FAQs

What’s up with those logos on their nose? Great question! That’s just our way of protecting our art and your child from being used for advertising without permission. When you purchase, those logos will disappear from the image.

Can I have my child’s portrait in color? Yes, we can re-process and make the image color when you purchase. Just make a note in the shopping cart during purchase.

Can I change the yearbook photo? No, the yearbook photos are portrait/vertical orientation.

When will you be taking the class photo? How much will it be if I choose to purchase later?  Class photos will be taken in Spring (around March), and can be pre-purchased at a lower price now for $25. We’re really looking forward to the class photos, as we’ll be encouraging the teachers and their students to bring props and maybe even dress-up in a way that best represents their class at that time! It’s sure to be a fun photo and wonderful memory. Although we will be providing many images to the school for the yearbook, the class photo will NOT be in the yearbook. In Spring, the class photo price will go up to $40. You will see the option under the purchase page to buy now at a discounted price.

Can I retake the photos? We reserved a day  about a week after the original images were taken for sick or absent children. If you were still ill or absent then please email me and we will photograph your child when we are there for the class photos.

Why are the 5×7 and 8×10 the same price? We don’t want you choosing a size based on price, but rather, because it better fits your favorite frame, or that perfect spot in the hallway.

What if I want more than one collection? You have the option to purchase more than one collection, either of the same image or a different one. There is no limit.

Can I have different images for different prints? You can if you have more than one collection. So you can have one collection for one image, and then purchase a second collection for a different image.

Can I request touch ups and/or blemish reduction? Yes, on any image you purchase you can request a reduction of blemishes or touch-ups if you would like. Simply note what and where you would like the touch-ups in the notes section of the shopping cart (before you check-out).

Is your school photography pricing the same as custom family portraits? Great question! Our pricing for school photography is based on volume. Our family portraits are specifically commissioned original art for your home. We have lots of different options that are great for many budgets, so please feel free to contact Rachel if you’re considering family portraits. 949-427-5171