Our Favorite New Thing: Reclaimed Barnwood Frames!

I would love to say that the main reason we chose these reclaimed barnwood frames is because of their re-use of valuable resources, which is a great benefit to the earth, but the truth is they are just gorgeous and we had to have them! These light-weight, naturally distressed and textured frames come from barn wood in the mid-west, so each piece is unique in it’s own beautiful, natural way.

Although created out of reclaimed barnwood, everyone that has seen these beauties have agreed they have a distictive ‘beach’ quality that is definitively Southern Californian. The natural distress and undemanding nature of the frames go perfectly with the beach design many homes in Orange County love.  That is why we’ve decided to name each of the series by one of our favorite Orange County California beaches.

Barnwood Frames Great for Orange County and Beach Decor

Our Crystal Cove frame is reminiscent of the beach dune fences that surround the cottages at the Crystal Cove National Park. Crystal Cove is one of our favorite spots, and this frame, with it’s whimsical white, blue and a natural weathered woods will be perfect for those close-up photographs of your children, or you and your spouse laughing. As you can see, the frame it’s self is large, so we’ve used a 5×7 image to show-off this piece.

Reclaimed Barnwood Beach Frame

Simple and laid-back, our Dana Point frame is made-up of one simple layer of natural weathered, untreated wood, allowing the beauty of the image to shine through.

Reclaimed Wood Beach Frame

Our Laguna frames come in variety of colors, like the beautiful homes of Laguna Beach. Each frame is hand-pained or stained, then distressed, allowing the natural barnwood to show through.

Reclaimed Wood Painted Frames

Our Aliso Viejo frame is two layers of naturally lovely, untreated weathered wood, giving the image and frame more depth and sophistication.

Reclaimed wood frame

Although not a beach, we named the San Juan frame to reflect the Mission in San Juan Capistrano. This frame, with it’s wide single-plank is different from the others as it’s barnwood is sanded, treated and varnished to a rich, dark brown. Because of the natural weathering, although it’s smooth, the grain is still visible and makes for a beautiful texture. Perfect for the Spanish or Italianate home designs of Southern California.

Reclaimed wood frame

One of our favorite frames, the Newport frame, is made of three different layers of wood, each with it’s own width and height, giving this frame a beautiful depth in natural, reclaimed wood.

Reclaimed Wood Beach Frame

Natural Barnwood Beach Frames Perfect for Family Photos

These handmade frames can’t be bought at your local frame store, but we have them available to you – our favorite photography clients! Feel free to stop by to see and feel the new frames. They have an amazing texture and look that will bring an easy distinction to any Southern California home.

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  1. Debbie Baugher - April 3, 2014 6:03 pm

    HI! Do you make and ship custom frames?

    I have 7 water colors that measure 2.5″x3.5″ and am looking for frames that reflect that ‘beachy’ look. I would like to hang them individually on a wall of a guestroom.

    Thank you for your response,