Pregnancy Photography like the pages of Vogue

I met Jessica through her mid-wife while she was pregnant with her second child. She’s an avid photographer herself, with many soft color golden light photos of her family, as well as some amazing deals on vintage fashion, found on her blog Swish and Swoon. Nirzhar and I were excited to have a pregnancy photography session with her in our home studio, using flash and colors reminiscent of the pages of Vogue.

The most adorable member of the family was her daughter, Selah (SAY la)! She was fascinated with our black and white cat, Cookie. She followed her around calling her ‘big foots’ and pointing to her big white paws. Thankfully Cookie was in an accommodating mood and gave her cat kisses with her nose, which of course caused a lot of giggles.

They had their sweet son a few months ago, and we’ll be having another photoshoot in the next few weeks! So excited to meet the new member of their lovely family! Enjoy some of our favorite photos below:

Pregnancy Photography

Pregnancy Photography

Glamour Pregnancy Photography

Pregnancy Photography Glamour

Pregnancy Photography

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