You are beautiful, and sometimes the daily grind can sometimes mean that beauty and glamour is taking a backseat. You know it’s there, but you hardly ever get to see that side of you anymore.

Then it’s time to have a truly diva experience with a Glamour Photography session with The Pradhan Studios! We treat you to a day of style, glamour and the attention a star deserves with our 3-person glamour team, dedicated to your beauty for the day. We start with style, working with you to choose your three outfits for your photoshoot, then our professional hair and make-up artist works with you to bring out your goddess.  Our photographer then directs you like professional fashion model to capture your elegance, beauty, sexiness and glamour. You’ll leave the day not only with photos that you’ll adore, but an experience that you’ll treasure.

Why Glamour Photography?

Because seeing yourself as a beautiful human being, worthy of love and admiration, helps women get in touch with their amazing spirit – that fire and light that burns within them. To make a mark on the world of beauty, grace, sexiness, and love.  Of course, we’re not just talking about the outer beauty, but the beauty inside us cannot shine without first feeling our best. And glamour can help make that transformation happen.

Ready to Add to the Beauty?

Contact Rachel with The Pradhan Studios via the Contact Page or by phone (949-427-5171) to learn more about our Glamour and Fashion photoshoots that are complete with three to four style changes, hair and make-up, on-location and in-studio. And ask about our Glamour Events!

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