Children & Baby Photographer Orange County

Photography is the art of capturing light. At The Pradhan Studios, we capture the light of your children, your friends, and your events in a memorable and classic black and white photography. Our 15 years experience as designers, photographers, and videographers has helped us to develop the ‘eye’ to create truly magical photos that you’ll treasure for generations to come.

Why only black and white photography?

The first photographers used black and white film to capture live images into a still shot, and it’s still a favorite for elegant and distinguished photography pieces. Our wish is that when you gaze upon your child’s portraits or your baby’s photos you’ll see beyond the color of the clothing, and focus on their beautiful faces, their sparkling eyes, and that timeless moment of a younger moment. The refined quality, the simplicity and uncluttered look of black and white photography is the reason The Pradhan Studios has chosen to work with this medium. Without the distractions of color, the photograph draws the viewer in and to recognize the character and individuality of the subject.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Children or Baby Portrait Session

Enjoy the photos below as a sample of our work with families and children of Orange County, CA. If you have any questions, or simply want to chat, please call Rachel at our Aliso Viejo studio: (949) 427-5171, or use the quick form on this page. Thanks, and Happy Memories!

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