Oprah’s Black and White Photo Takes Her Back

Oprah with Jesse Jackson

Who doesn’t love Oprah? I love seeing her as a young woman, unknown to the world yet, but so full of ambition and hope. It gives me that little thrill that someday Nirzhar and I will look back and get the same goose-bump feelings as Oprah did when she recently stumbled across an old black and white photograph of herself with one of her first interviews – Jesse Jackson:

“Wow. Have you ever looked at an old picture and been instantly transported back in time — to the point where you can feel the fabric of the shirt you were wearing, and smell the room you were standing in?

That’s what this photo [insert] does for me. I was 21 years old. I had bought the entire outfit off a mannequin at Cain-Sloan in Nashville. (Never was a bargain shopper. To this day, going through racks of clothes looking for a find makes me anxious.) The skirt cost $40. I’d never spent that much on a single item of clothing….If I knew then what I know now, I would never have wasted even a single minute doubting my path. It may be human nature to question and doubt, but the older I get, the less I worry about anything. I can see life unfolding in divine order. And even in times of the greatest turmoil, I can stop, get still, and see with utter clarity: This, too, shall pass.”

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Hard to believe that one of the richest women in the world ever had any doubt, but there it is. We’re all human, trying to understand our¬†destiny¬† and to feel comfortable during the ride through life.

How Photography Plays into Life

That’s what I love about photography, it just has this amazing power to connect with people and our own personal stories. It helps us to stop and realize how much time has passed, and reflect on how experiences have changed us and our path. Have you had that experience will rifling through some old photos? To remember the feel of your baby in your arms…you know…the same one that’s now taller than you? Yep, our eldest is almost there. Hard to believe, and I’m a little shocked each morning as he stumbles down the steps and gives me a bear-hug…his black hair touching the top of the drape between the hall and the kitchen…his half-size bigger feet stepping on my toes. They grow up so fast. Photography helps slow it down a bit.