My Accidental High School Senior Portraits

High School Senior PortraitsI graduated High School nearly 15 years ago, but the funny thing is that Nirzhar was my High School Senior Portrait photographer – even back then! We actually met when I was in high school and he was in college. We both worked for a local grocery store and that’s how we first connected – over a bag of groceries. Not exactly the most romantic thing I could have thought up. Actually, some people suggested I say we met while I was hiking the Himalayas since Nirzhar is from Nepal, but alas no. It was an ordinary day that turned into an extraordinary life.

One Photographer Said No, My Love Said Yes

It was little happy accidents that lead to Nirzhar being my photographer. I actually wanted this black and white photographer that I found while I was having coffee in a little shop Nirzhar and I used to visit. Her photos were amazing and I thought it would be awesome to have a High School Senior photo like that – dramatic, elegant, a work of art – not just a snap shot. But the photographer wasn’t really motivated. She liked to take more ‘still-life’ photography of inanimate objects rather than of living human beings. So I was out of luck and stuck with the same photographer everyone else was using. That is until Nirzhar suggested he take the photos!

Capturing the Light

The photoshoot was really spontaneous and by the time we got to the park the light was already dipping behind the horizon. I wore a long white skirt with little flowers and a sweater – one of my favorite outfits. We walked around the park and climbed the Boulder foothills as the golden light raced up them during the last few moments of winter sun. We were praying the photos would turn out, too, because the next day was the last day I could turn in my own portrait for the yearbook. It was this or a big empty box where my photo should be. And remember, this was 15 years ago, so there was no ‘preview’ of the photos as he was taking them – and we had to take them to the lab to be developed. 

Thankfully the photos Nirzhar took were lovely and it was easy to choose which I loved the most. Unfortunately,  I can’t find that photo now. It’s gotten lost in the shuffle of the dozen or so moves and the mounds of photos we’ve taken of our life together after I graduated – getting married, trips across country and Europe, and our two precious boys, of course. But I still love to look back and remember the experience, the fun of capturing that moment before the light faded on my ‘kid’ life and brightened on the new path of adulthood. It’s a special moment and I’m so happy I was able to share it with him.

Life Circles Back

We’re currently looking for some High School Seniors and Juniors that are looking to have a Senior photo that shows them as a unique individual. We’re offering a limited number of complementary mini photoshoots, including styling, hair and make-up (something I wish I had when I got my photos taken!). Click to learn more about the offer: High School Senior Models.