Laughter, Silliness, Play, Oh My!

Every year, we help many schools in the Orange County area raise thousands of dollars by donating part of our proceeds from boutique school photography and hundreds of thousands of dollars by donating family photography services in Orange County to their annual school auctions. We love supporting children’s education and the activities they participate in. We have two young children and believe children’s needs, whether emotional, spiritual, or educational, should be a priority for everyone in our beautiful world.

The Teng family learned about us from one of our children’s photography in Orange County donation to their annual gala event several years back. The children were dressed most elegantly. Little sister wore a bow in her gorgeous, thick, black hair  and a lovely skirt. Older brother looked handsome in his striped collared shirt, perfectly fitting, hip, dark blue jeans. They did what children do best: They ran around the fountain and giggled and laughed as the spirit of fun echoed from the walls of the grand Soka University grounds; they made faces at us; they teased each other; and they climbed an old, inviting tree! Talk about a fun photography shoot to remember. That was 3 years ago. You can view the pictures here.

The fun Teng family bid on our school auction item again last year, and they won! We were delighted to hear they had won the bidding war. This time the family wanted us to photograph the entire family in their home. We are always very excited to include the parents and grandparent in the pictures. Us, as adults, always tend to find one or the other excuse for not wabting to be in pictures. We’re either not in our “best” weight, or too “busy”, or “never” look good in our pictures. The truth is we’ll always want more. Rarely are we content. We want to lose more weight. We want to have more time, we want to look better in more photographs, we want more money to spend on pictures, we want, want, want, and more, more, and more of it! This isn’t a judgement observation I’m making. It’s just what we do as human beings. We’re just wired that way. The only way to get out of this vicious cycle is to say, no more! Literally, say “no more” every time the thought, ” I want more time/money/weight loss/clothes” comes in to your mind. When you do that, you create a gap between your automatic reaction, your automatic thought of wanting more and life’s emotional experiences. When that gap arises you can take a step back and ask another question, “will it really make me happy in the long run?” We’ll see that even though loosing weight and having more time may seem like they will make us happier, they are just temporary because the weight comes back and we find other things to fill up our free time! So, whatever big change you want to make, just dive in and do it now. Ok, soap box aside, remember that children like to see their parents in pictures. Don’t you like to see pictures of your own parents? Get in the pictures now!

So, that is what the Teng parents decided. They want to be in the pictures now. This was a great opportunity because a professional photographer was coming to their house to take pictures of the kids, so when else is there going to be a better opportunity? Oh, what a great decision it was. Look at the family. Gorgeous, smart, confident, silly, playful, and most loving to each other. The kids were more mature this time around. They were a few years older, but thankfully they still retained their secret to a happy life with a sibling: lots of play, and giggling, and teasing, and spinning, and holding hands, and making faces at the photographer! Again, it was yet another fun filled photography shoot with the kind and beautiful Teng family. Thank you guys. We are so grateful that you chose us to document this time of your life. Do remember us again when you want memorable pictures.