Hello Journey School parents! We had a great time photographing your children last week in the beautiful Green Heart Garden and we’re excited to share them with you. All your proofing and ordering will be done right online, making it convenient, secure, and simple.

Special THANK YOU to all the parent volunteers that helped out last week and Monday. I have emailed out the Gift Certificates, and if you haven’t received them yet, please let me know. My email is below.

Galleries Are Open for sales now through April 5th! Orders after April 5th will be for digitals only. 10% of gross sales of these portraits will go as a donation to Journey School!

If you have any questions, please email me at rachel@pradhanstudios.com.

Retakes and Make-ups

Make-up day will be Tuesday, March 29th. Did you want to purchase spring portraits, but your son or daughter isn’t wearing the right dress or shirt? Just email me and we can schedule them for make-up day.

Discount Code

Last year we offered a discount code for 35% – this year, we included the discount in the price. No code needed!

Gala Photos

We donated some fun-filled black and white photos that were available at the Gala, and now at the Journey School cafe for only $5 each. 100% of funds for those images go to the Parent Cabinet.

Yearbook Photos

These photos will not be included for the yearbook. The only exception to this is 8th grade. 8th graders, if you would like to use one of the spring portraits as your yearbook photo, please ‘favorite’ or ‘heart’ the one you want. Thanks!

=>Important: Please read the important disclaimer at the bottom of the page. Thank you!

Scroll down and click on your child’s classroom. You will be directed to a gallery page, in which you will first need to type in your password that was on the announcement your child brought home. If you’ve misplaced that please email me and I’ll send you the password: rachel@pradhanstudios.com


Kindy – Snapdragon – Ms. Jill
Kindy – Dandelion – Ms. Laura
Kindy – Sunflower – Ms. Jennifer
Kindy – Morning Glory – Ms. Hellene

1st Grade – Ms. Wilde
1st Grade – Ms. Lee

2nd Grade – Ms. Morrison
2nd Grade – Ms. Cameron

3rd Grade – Ms. Collins
3rd Grade – Ms. Nicholson

4th Grade – Ms. Barger
4th Grade – Ms. Davis

5th Grade – Ms. Torrey
5th Grade – Mr. Calloway

6th Grade – Ms. Simmons

7th Grade – Ms. Smith

8th Grade – Ms. Kelley

=>>IMPORTANT NOTE: We aim to capture the essence of your child within the very short time period we are with them. Due to the scheduling arranged with Journey School, we had about one minute with each student. We do our best to capture a variety of expressions and conjure authenticity from your son or daughter during this time. Some children are naturally more comfortable than others when it comes to photographs. Each child in the gallery has multiple proof options. Some have more than others. We do not believe in forcing a child to “preform” just for the sake of capturing “the shot” – but rather we do our best to work with your child, make them comfortable, and enjoy that short minute or two we have. Please understand that all images are shot with the goal of being “real” – who they are at that very moment. Some laugh, some are shy, some are stoic and pensive, while others bounce around and giggle – and we attempt to artistically capture all of this. The options included in the gallery of your son or daughter were the best portraits we had on file and we hope you enjoy each of them! Thank you for your understanding.

Although we will be providing many images to the school for the yearbook, the class photo will NOT be in the yearbook.

8th grade, once we do the Spring portraits, you can choose between the in-studio and the outdoor portraits for your yearbook image. This is ONLY for the 8th grade.

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Example question: What’s up with those logos on their nose? What about retouching or blemish reduction? All great questions! See our FAQ page for the answers to these and more.