High School Senior Pictures

high school senior photos in orange county

I don’t know about you, but our kids are just itching for summer to arrive – and it’s almost here! It’s also that time of season when we start seeing our friend’s Facebook pages fill-up with High School graduation photos, which reminded us that it’s time to remind High School Juniors to start looking for your High School Senior Photographer.

As a high school student you are probably counting the days to the end of school and beginning your Summer vacation. Somewhere in the back of your mind you are also thinking about your senior pictures, especially if you are a Junior. Of course, not everyone gets their “Senior Portraits” done with a professional photographer. The ones that hire a professional photographer for their High School Senior Portraits begin looking for a photographer starting June and some even wait until a few weeks before high school graduation. Summer, however, is a good time to take senior portraits as your schedule is usually a little more ‘open’ and available for a 2 hour portrait session.

We realize that our style isn’t for everyone – our clients have described our style as ‘artistic’, moody, noir, romantic, and retro. But enough about us, we want to share some tips on how-to select your High School Senior Portraits photographer. Below are some suggestions when you start to interview your High School Senior photographer.

Portfolio: Look through their High School Senior Photography portfolio. Do the images speak to you? Do you want your photos to look like the ones in the photographer’s portfolio? Do you like how they’ve processed/developed the photos? Remember, each photographer has their own style, and it’s best to choose a photographer based on the fact you like their work. If you’re hoping for a certain look and feel, then find a Photographer that can do that style and has a portfolio to prove it.  

Location options: Are you looking to do photo shoots in a studio as opposed to outdoors? Make sure the photographer has access to a studio and knows how to use studio lights if you would prefer to be indoors. We are well versed with studio equipment, however we choose to shoot outdoors because of the look outdoor photography can produce. 

Outfit changes: How many outfits can you change into? It’s a good idea to be able to take photographs in 2-3 of your favorite outfits without  additional costs. Remember to include accessories, and at least one pair of flats and one pair of high heels. Some High School Seniors decide to take their Senior Portraits while in uniform for the team they play for, or bring their instruments or other ‘props’ that show their personality. Be sure to share your ideas with your Photographer at least a week in advance so they have ample time to prepare. 

Products (prints, digitals, etc.): Make sure the photographer offers what you need. Some will only offer prints, or only digitals and not offer any session albums.

Price: Are their fees, including product pricing, in your budget? You may need to talk to your parents about this, but many photographers are willing to make payment plans available to their clients. .


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