Healing kisses and a gentle hug at Crystal Cove

Memories through family photography

One of the greatest pleasures of being a parent is watching our children grow. It’s bittersweet, really. It’s a reminder of the passage of time; of the “boo boo”s that turned to “owie”s to “awful cut”s; of the long gone stumbling crawls, Lego days and tricycle falls, of things we wish we could only hold on; of fond memories that harken back to the days of our own childhood, childhood that we now miss and attempt to live through our own little ones. Flipping through paper photo albums and reminiscing in our minds we compare and contrast our own ways as children to the ways of our young ones. Such joy we find in photographs of our children-to see and hold in our hands what is left of those memories. Memories of wrestling brothers, memories of brothers in arms, memories of stolen whispers, of two brothers bundling up in a tiny sleeping bag, of mischievous antics at a kitchen table, of celebrations and performances. All there, in the pages of our family album. Looking through the pictures we are reminded how loving the boys are with each other, how loving they’ve always been with each other. Kind, respectful, helpful, and as selfless as young children can be.

Family photography at Crystal Cove

The Rafizad boys reminded us of our own boys. Similar in age, playfulness, and demeanor. The family came to us for their family pictures for 2014 at Crystal Cove. Attired in beautiful blues and whites, the Rafizads looked nothing short of dashing. As we had suggested they wear something elegant and nothing showing patterns, they showed up in a memorable and classic look. The photography session was easy and most pleasant. There seems to be rumours going around that dads and boys don’t like being photographed. Not so with the clients we have had. Almost all of our dads have loved spending the two hours with their family being photographed together. This is a time for families to relax, let go of work stress, and just play with the children. The Rafizads were a perfect example of “wow!” clients. At one instance, little brother fell while running with excitement on the beach. He shed some tears, felt a little embarrased, shed more tears and didn’t feel like being consoled. Dad then walked over to him, picked him up, and the tears all vanished. That’s all he wanted-dad’s safe hands hugging his little body. What a tender moment it was-dad consoling his little boy with healing kisses and a gentle hug.

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Family Photography at Laguna Beach Locations

We work with you to create a beach family photoshoot that captures the memories how you want to remember them – beautiful, elegant and timeless. Call Rachel 949-427-5171 to see how we work, including wardrobe consultation, and in-home wall decor consultation. We’re a husband and wife team on every photoshoot, to help make a family photoshoot not a hassle but a happy memory with cherished moments.

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