Glamour Photography: Dancing Diana

Glamour Photography After 40When I met Diana for her glamour photography session, I was stunned by how upfront she was with what she called ‘the wonderful surprises of aging’. She spoke of her laugh lines, crows feet, hooded eyelids, and this annoying vein under her eye that has the unfortunate habit of showing up at the worst times (like on the day of her photoshoot!).

Dancing DianaWhat she didn’t realize was that I was completely taken in by her beauty.

While I was over at her home chatting about the upcoming shoot she shared old newspaper clippings of when she headlined theatres, and talked of being on the stage performing old ’40s songs nightly. In her bedroom is a beautiful painting of her from when she was in her early twenties. Beautiful, long golden locks ran down her back at the time. Today, her hue is a dark red and cropped short with these wonderful wisps that float down in crazy angles. When I commented on how much I loved them she said she tells her hairdresser to do anything, “But don’t make me look like an average Orange County housewife!”

She is anything but ‘average’!

On the day of her shoot she radiated energy that I could only hope for, her eyes sparkled like the warm waters of the Italian coast, and when she danced she was enchanting. Her ‘magic veil’, as she called it, was a beautiful array of colors, like a sunset on the ocean. The chinese silk floated in soft ripples through the air as Diana twirled and danced.

Elegantly Hepburn

Glamour Portrait Woman after 40

Her final outfit was something she admitted that she wouldn’t have put together herself. It seemed to be too masculine for her, with high-waist trousers and a sleek collared blouse. But we added feminine touches to make it more ‘Diana’: large glamorous earrings, sky-high heels and we teased her hair into a high French twist. The look was elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful.

Glamour Photography for All Ages

Come on ladies! Beauty is not just for the young – being gorgeous is a mindset. It’s time to remind yourself of that, and capture the beauty that you might have forgotten is there. What you will realize is that your beauty is always there – just changing as the years go by.




Glamour Photography After 40

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