Family Portraits: Love beyond blood

Nirzhar and I have always loved The Strands, even before it became a name for it’s residential architecture, it’s “Funicular“, or the beautiful park and view up top. The Dana Point ‘point’ rises out of the sea on one side, the Ritz Carlton gazing down on beach goers at the other, with a long stretch of soft gleaming sand in between. We spent many summers here when our boys were younger. At a time when they needed to hold our hands to enter the chilly water, and when sand crabs swimming around a sand pail could entertain for hours. It had been a while since we had been there, so I was excited to hear during our initial conversation with the Bond family that it was a favorite place to go as a family. family photography dana point We met them at the bottom of the long steps that lead to the southern side of The Strands, where the rock cliffs make for a great backdrop. We arrived early, enjoying the cool summer breeze that is ever-present at Southern California beaches. Kelle, Aaron and their young son were easy to spot in the summer beach crowd: a tall, handsome couple, dressed in their Sunday best, mom’s beautiful blond locks perfectly curled, and the two men sporting striking red hair. family photography the strands

A family’s bond that goes beyond blood

You wouldn’t know it when you saw them, but their young son is adopted, a fact they are all very open about. Aaron and Kelle, caring and compassionate Christians, had been volunteering at a local women’s shelter for some time when a call came in one night that a young mother was considering giving up her son for adoption, and was wondering if they would like to be his parents. They had considered adopting before, but had never really moved on it feeling it wasn’t quite time yet. However, this late-night call changed their minds, and their lives forever. Within a few short days they went to just being a loving couple, to being a full-fledged family with a young son that happened to have been blessed with impressive red hair like his adopted father.

Family Photography at The Strands Dana Point

When we met on the beach that warm, summer evening, their son came bounding up to give me a big hug, recognizing me from a meeting we had in their home the week before. He bounced around, giving Nirzhar a hi-five before racing him to the rocks on the far side. Full of energy and excitement, we played games and kept things moving as quickly as we could to keep him entertained and engaged. The wind was cooperating beautifully with Kelle’s hair, creating enchanting cover-girl moments. The three of them danced and played, and were full of life as they enjoyed their time as a young family. family photography the strands family photography the strands family photography the strands family photography the strands

How do you choose which family portraits to keep?

When Kelle came to our home studio two weeks later, she laughed openly at the portraits of her family that showed the fun, love and joy they had together. She asked me how to choose which to keep, and I said choose the ones you know that will make you smile and laugh for years to come. Choose portraits that you will never grow tired of looking at. family photography the strands family photography the strands family photography the strands

Family Beach Photography That Doesn’t Look Like Everyone Else

Although Nirzhar and I didn’t grow-up on the sandy beaches of Southern California, we’ve been scouting, enjoying and photographing them for many years and know just the right spot for your family portrait. I’ll guide you, as I did Kelle and her family, on outfits that are elegant, timeless, and highlight each individual’s personality yet, go together cohesively as a family. Contact me today to discuss how we can work together to create timeless works of art of your family that you’ll cherish for generations to come.  949-427-5171 Happy Memories, Rachel