Family Photography at Laguna Niguel Regional Park

We are constantly on the look-out for new locations, so we were thrilled one fall Sunday stroll that we had a great location right in our own back-yard (so to speak). With big, aromatic California eucalyptus trees, a wide walking bridge and a quiet meadow the Laguna Niguel Regional Park was the perfect space for some mini-shoots this winter. This particular family photoshoot location was tucked away from the main park and many families had never been there, as was true for Cheri’s family when we met them one Saturday morning.

Fall Morning Family Photoshoot at Laguna Niguel Regional Park

The morning was still crisp, and the ground soft underfoot from some recent rain. Fall leaves crunched underfoot while we walked toward the bridge. Their daughter jumped with delight as she saw water (real water!) flowing under the bridge. It was a perfect, slow Saturday. We had photographed their family once before in the Los Rios District, another great location for family photography, but this location tucked away in the far corner of the park was a much quieter and more peaceful place which lead to some sweet moments to capture.


Family Photography at Laguna Niguel and Aliso Viejo Locations

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