Family Moments Captured at the Montage Resort Beach, Laguna Beach, CA

Here about the beach I wandered,
Nourishing a youth sublime,
With the fairy tales of science,
and the long result of Time.
– Alfred Lord Tennyson – 1809-1892

White sands and turquoise waters: Family photoshoot at the Montage

Four years old is a sweet moment in time, where children are still so small they can easily curl up in your lap yet can have full conversations with you. This little girl was sweetest with her parents and it was so lovely to photograph their memories. We played, we ran, we all got wet with the evening tide, and we were there long after the other photographers left due to the growing clouds that made the evening come quickly. We are always prepared for anything, however, which makes for some sweet, private moments between these three.

Click if you’re looking to capture an elegant family photoshoot on the beach.

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