Extended Family Photoshoots in San Clemente Pier & Aliso Creek Beach

Extended Family PhotographyEvery time I smell cherry tobacco I think of my Grandfather, and it hurts a little. He only smoked it while I was very young, before the emphysema made him kick the pipe-smoking habit. But even now, 10 years after his passing, if I catch a whiff of that sweet distinct smell it brings me right back to him and his silly stories and made-up songs, great laughter that would fill the room, and big hugs filled with love.

All my Grandparents have passed on, and there are very few photos I have where we are together as a family. My parents are from England, so reunions were far and few between. What I would give to have that opportunity back and take an hour out of our fun-filled few days we would have together and have a photoshoot. Perhaps you’ve thought about the same thing and would like to capture the memories of Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and cousins for your children to enjoy as they get older?

We thought so…

Extended Family Photoshoots on-location in San Clemente Pier and Aliso Creek Beach

So, we’re giving up our after-Christmas chill time to families that would like to capture the magical memories that will yield stories for years to come.

Dates Available: December 26th, 27th, and 28th
Two times available each day only. 

Call Rachel now at (949) 427-5171 or use our Contact Form to book.

And a Gift to You

Book now, and when you purchase a collection you’ll also be able to choose one of our beautiful photo-jewelry pieces shown below at no extra cost. This is a beautiful way to keep your family close to your heart. 

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