Dedicated, Adele

Black and white photo of AdeleAt the risk of sounding cliché, I am amazed and inspired by Adele, the twenty-something singer with dramatic diva presence and a soulful voice. Nirzhar and I were in Barnes and Noble and a biography of her was right by the door as we walked in. Her ’60s eyeliner and subtle expression seemed to draw me in and we ended up standing there reading about her, admiring her black and white photos, and drawing inspiration. She’s so young, yet her expression seems to come from a deep well of emotion and experience.

Adele black and white photographyOne mantra that I will keep close to my heart this new year is  ‘dedication’. Adele has that in her music, her voice, her image. She would not be swayed by what the pop-star consultants tried to tell her to do. She followed her heart, dedicated to her own beat that lead her to stardom.

My goal this year is to do the same, to rid myself of the brainwashed marketing-writing that I’ve been studying for years and get back to the writing I love. One full of genuine feeling and love. I can’t just start, however, and expect it to be there. It’s as if I’ve been eating donuts all this time, but I can’t expect to loose weight just because I stop eating donuts! I have to ‘work’ it out of me, and that’s what I intend to do. My first dedication is  to write one blog, everyday, for 365 days. I will write about things that inspire me and that I love and wish to share with the world: art, photography, love, family, children, travel, food, learning. I hope you will join me on this journey!

Lastly, let me make a wish: I would love for us to photograph Adele. I’m just putting that out there with the hope that it will come back to us!

What is your theme for this year? How do you wish to change?

Happy 2013!

Much love and happiness, Rachel.

(Check out the video below of one of my favorite songs – and all the beautiful black and white photos!!)

Photographs of Adele by Simon Emmett. Retouching by Phil Jones.