The stress of selecting your own outfit for a portrait session can be a little stressful, but add in the kids and your partner, and it can make capturing a family memory feel like a nightmare you can’t wait to end!

We want to change that.

Not only do we offer in-person consultations in which we help you choose outfits and accessories for the day of the family photoshoot, Rachel Pradhan, co-owner of Pradhan Studios Photography, wrote this book to help you coordinate your family’s wardrobe that reflects your family’s values and personality.

Here’s just some of the steps she goes through in this easy-to-read and practical eBook:eBookPromo

– Coordinating for your home’s decor
– The “Rule of Three”
– How-to coordinate with Denim, without everyone looking the same
– What accessories to bring
– Pit-falls to avoid when doing your hair or make-up
– How to coordinate with extended family
– How to choose the perfect location
– Plus more specific chapters on children, girls, boys, multiples, men and women!

Each page is full of beautiful images and portrait examples of how families have integrated these simple steps to create the family memories they wanted. It’s a free download that you can easily read on your mobile device or on your computer – and even print out if you wish. Just sign-up below!

Download the eBook now!