Children’s Photography for school grants

It’s not just a line in a Whitney Houston song, the children are our future, so we’re happy when we can support them in becoming the leaders of tomorrow through our photography. Journey School gave us that opportunity last year by asking us to take photos of the children participating in the activities and programs that make Journey School unique.

Photography Helps Journey School Win Grants and Donations

Journey School, located in Aliso Viejo, California, is a charter school bringing Waldorf inspired education to public school. As a public school they’ve seen their funding get smaller and smaller. A large percentage of families participate in the ‘close the gap‘ program, which asks parents to donate to help bridge the gap between the government funding and the minimum budget required to run Journey School. However, that’s not enough to be able offer the kind of programs that Journey is built on, such as gardening, handwork, games, cooking, music, woodworking, drama, Compassionate Campus and digital literacy.

This year, thanks to a large grant by a family last year, Journey School was able to open their Development Office in which their development officer works on winning grants and significant donations for the school. To help ‘tell the story’ of Journey, we took photos of the programs and printed canvases to decorate their office, as well as to use when sending in requests for grants. Photography helps show how Journey, and really any school looking to win grants to sponsor the children they teach, are different and worth supporting.

For many of the programs we used color photos, and here are some of our favorite black and whites. Enjoy.

Charter School photography


Music Program

Drama Class Proformance

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