Capturing the Moment In Between – Black and White Family Photography

There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes of a family photoshoot – like studying poses, for example. Once we meet you and your family, we go back to the studio to study and sketch out ideas of how to pose you and your family to best achieve the photographic artwork that will put your family in the best light.

But sometimes, it’s the moment in-between the different poses that become a family favorite. There are some examples of that below.

It’s because we know these ‘in-between’ moments are so special, so important to the photoshoot, that we have two people on every photoshoot. Usually, I’m the one that poses you and your family, while Nirzhar is ready with the camera to capture those fleeting moments. If he was directing and getting materials and props together, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to capture them.

So why do we direct or pose at all? Because we know that there are many more ways to make you look great in a photo. With the tilt of your head we can get rid of that double chin (that you don’t actually have, but always seems to show up on snapshots). With shifting your weight to the back foot we shed pounds off your hips, and with the right hand placement we can help your arms look long and slender. We see what your good side is, and highlight it. Plus, once you’re in that pose, we take the photo, and then you relax and joke around with your family, that pose is still there – but you’re relaxed and that in-between moment is captured.

Enjoy some of these favorite photos of our in-between moments:

Mother and Son Photography OC

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Family Photography San Clemente

Photography Family Orange County CA

Laguna Beach Family Photography

San Juan Capistrano Children's Photographer