Business Portraits: Great Outfits for Women by Anthropologie

Trying to find the perfect outfit for your business portrait is enough to make you want to cancel the whole thing! But, have no fear, Anthropologie is here with some beautiful, simple outfits for professional women wanting to look their best – and on sale, too!

When choosing an outfit for your business portrait it’s important that it: fit’s well, is a solid color for a slimming effect, and you remember to accessorize. As a woman with curves I chose outfits to display here that would be great for women of any shape – lovely necklines that elongate the neck, and different ways to create a lovely shape, and an elegant, sophisticated portrait.

View more ideas on color schemes and outfit ideas on our Pinterest board!

Crisscross Jersey Top

CrisscrossJerseyTopThis is one of my favorite tops that would look elegant and beautiful in jeans, slacks or a skirt. The fuax wrap middle adds a lovely texture to the soft jersey top. Comes in many different colors. I love the simple shell necklace paired with it, matching the pattern created by the folds of the fabric. Click here to view the Crisscross Jersey Top.

Serena Sweater Dress

SerenaSweaterDressThis dress is chic and dignified with it’s bold blocking of color, yet feminine with is soft neckline and soft curves. Click here to view the Serena Sweater Dress.

Ruched Herringbone Sheath

RuchedHerringboneSheathAccording to reviews, this dress runs small, but oh how beautiful. The rouche at one point in the front of the dress is beautifully slimming, and the length of the dress elongates the body. Graceful and elegant, you’ll feel confident in this for a portrait photoshoot! Click here to view the Ruched Herringbone Sheath dress.

Vispera Pullover

VisperaPulloverI tend to go more ‘classic’ when it comes to styles, so I had tended to move away from the popular decorated colors, but this is simply a refined! The two-tones of a darker front and a lighter back also creates a slimming effect on the wearer. Click here to view the Vispera Pullover top.

Pradhan Studios Can Help Ease Portrait Stress

Like I said, choosing what to wear for your business portrait can be a worrisome task, but we’re here to help. When you’re ready for a business portrait that will help you stand out, then contact me. Not only will I help you choose what to wear for a beautiful portrait, but I’ll fix any fly-away hair, tell you when to add lip-gloss, and even bring my own accessories to help make the most of your portrait session. Nirzhar and I are here to help you put your best face forward. Call me if you’re ready to do that.