• family photography at Crystal cove

    Healing kisses and a gentle hug at Crystal Cove

    Memories through family photography One of the greatest pleasures of being a parent is watching our children grow. It’s bittersweet, really. It’s a reminder of the passage of time; of the “boo boo”s that turned to “owie”s to “awful cut”s; of the long gone stumbling crawls, Lego days and tricycle falls, of things[…]

  • The Capelle Family Photographed in Laguna Niguel

    We love the Capelle family. We’ve known them for several years now, and have seen the relentless volunteerism mom engages in first hand. It’s astounding how much the family can give, give, and give some more to help their school, their community, and their friends. And, I’m not talking about[…]

  • Newborn photography: an angel lookalike!

    It’s Christmas Eve. The late hours are a quiet reminder that Orange County, contrary to the portrayals in various television shows, remains a serene and civil place in which to reside. 5:00am rolls around and it’s Christmas morning. No snow, but there’s a flurry of excitement in the Nettleton household. Contractions are[…]

  • Sibling Children Photoshoot: two, too cute

    Children’s Photoshoot : shyness turns to giggles! This winter has been full of sweetness, and these two siblings were certainly a double dose. They jumped up the stairs with their stuffed animals in-tow and quickly ran behind mom’s knees when we said hi. This mom had been to several photographers,[…]

  • Family Photography at Laguna Niguel Regional Park

    We are constantly on the look-out for new locations, so we were thrilled one fall Sunday stroll that we had a great location right in our own back-yard (so to speak). With big, aromatic California eucalyptus trees, a wide walking bridge and a quiet meadow the Laguna Niguel Regional Park was the perfect[…]

  • Newborn Photography: got her girl

    Newborn Photography in Orange County That magical moment when you first meet your newborn child is always special, especially when you’ve decided to wait on finding out their gender! The anticipation of meeting your little one after months and months of planning and thinking about them is nearly unbearable. When we[…]

  • Family Photography: San Clemente Pier

    We’ve known Shaheer and his family for a number of years through our children’s school, Journey School, so we were thrilled when his wife called to book  a family photoshoot with us. Since they live in the San Clemente area, we decided the Pier would be a perfect place for[…]

  • Senior Photography: Victoria Beach

    Stephanie is our third High School Senior Ambassador for 2014-2015! She’s currently a Senior at Aliso Niguel High School, and has a passion for fashion. With that in mind, we chose Victoria Beach, a favorite location for beach-themed fashion photoshoots. When we first arrived late one warm, summer afternoon we[…]

  • high school senior photography orange county

    Senior Portraits: Segerstrom elegance

    Since visiting the glass-front building of the Segerstrom Center of the Arts’s Concert Hall, we’ve wanted to do a Senior Portrait here. It’s difficult to get permission, and I do not recommend just showing-up as it’s often busy with shows and events. So, a few months ago we were very[…]

  • newborn photography orange county

    Newborn Family Portraits: in home closeness

    Late last year we had a beautiful family photoshoot at Salt Creek Beach with the Coelrubi family with their 18 month old son, and were so excited when they called a few months later with the wonderful news they were expecting! Being a mother of two boys, I knew the[…]