• Don’t tell your kids they’re smart: Part 1 of 2

    Recently, I’ve been reading quite a bit about cultivating talent in kids and the ins and outs of praising them for the things they do. Whoever thought it was so complicated? Or is it? “You’re the best!”, “You’re so smart!”, “OMG! You did that without even practicing!”, These are phrases[…]

  • Kids and social networking: Are yours ready?

    I’m sure most of you are nervous about your tween or teen’s online habits. I’m sure most of you swore to yourself that you would not let your child run rampant online. I’m sure most of you never let your child use the public restroom on their own when they[…]

  • Managing stress in family life

    How often do our emotions fluctuate from utter joy to complete pull my hair out anger when dealing with members of our close knit family? If you’re ┬álike me, it probably happens more often than you want it to. One minute we’re all, “you’re such a snuggy buggy cute macaroni”[…]

  • Children’s photography in Orange County: Photo of the day

    Isn’t this a great portrait? She’s is a great kid, and Nirzhar loved taking her photograph. She’s actually been great friends with our son since they were in preschool in Laguna Niguel, attached at the hip to the point where the teacher had to sit them at opposite sides of[…]

  • Talent: How do you cultivate it in your kids?

    Borders is shutting down. Does not make me feel very good. I used to subscribe to their newsletters and they sent me hundreds of dollars of savings in coupons. Yeah, I know, despite all the rants and raves about Kindle this and Nook that, I’ve stuck with my good ol’[…]