Family Fun with an at-home Family Photoshoot in Coto de Caza

At-home Family Portraits in Coto de Caza

Home where we spend most of our time as a family and where we feel most comfortable and genuine. As they say, home is where the heart is, and it was the perfect location for this family’s intimate spring family photoshoot. The family hadn’t had a family photoshoot since both the kids were in elementary school, so it was time to capture memories to share and love for years to come. The kids were a blast – giggling and having fun the entire photoshoot. Because of their genuine joy we were able to capture some very beautiful family portraits of their family.

Capture the moments and make them memories

Do you ever feel like life is slipping by so quickly? One moment your children are toddling around, bumping into coffee tables, and leaving soft cuddly toys on the floor. The next moment they’re climbing trees and wearing platform heels and make-up. When did this happen? How do they change so quickly? Children are only small for a moment, so be sure you capture the moments now so that you have those memories for years to come. Call Rachel to set-up a free in-home consultation on the moments and memories you wish to create, savor and keep: 949-427-5171 or