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Black and White Portrait Studio

Black and White photography was the first way we were able to capture live images, and it’s still a favorite among photographers to this day because of its nostalgic qualities and classic elegance. When it comes to your children’s portraits we want you to be able to see beyond the color of their shirt or the fashion of the day. You can capture that easily with any other snap-shot. What we wish for is that you to be able to focus fully on their beautiful faces, their sparkling eyes, and a timeless moment. The refined quality, the simplicity and uncluttered look of black and white photography is why we have chosen to work with this medium. Without the distractions of color, the portrait draws the viewer in and to recognize the character and individuality of the subject.

Fine Art Black and White Photography

Wouldn’t you love your children’s photos fine enough to give them the best wall space in the house? Click here to learn how your photos can brighten up your home and¬†cherish¬†your memories.

Children’s Portraits

Our Aliso Viejo portrait studio is focused on Orange County children portraits, high school senior portraits, and business portraits. Click here to learn more about our photography, and view our portfolio.

Gallery of Family and Children’s Photography

Our full gallery of black and white children and family photography can be seen here.

The Pradhan Studios’ “Timeless” Process

We don’t just stop at Black and White photography. In fact, we start in color! Take a look at the process that makes families oh and ah.

Investment in Family Portraits

Want to get a basic idea of the average investment in your children’s portraits from The Pradhan Studios? Click here to find out more about the investments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions about our portrait photo shoots.